What is White Hat SEO and why is it important

White hat SEO and Black hat SEO We all know how important it is to SEO a website to increase organic traffic on any website. For this, we have to follow many factors of SEO. Today we will tell you about the white hat Seo Technique, what is White Hat Seo and how to use it.

People who have been blogging for a long time are well aware of the black hat SEO and white hat SEO. But the new blogger who has started blogging career jut now does not know about both the important techniques of SEO, black hat SEO, and white hat SEO. So if you want to make a career in blogging, then you should know about it.

White hat SEO

Who has started to jut now in blogging they do not know about Type of SEO? Because when we do search engine optimization i.e. SEO. So let the new bloggers inadvertently make such a mistake. Which turns white hat SEO into black hat SEO. For example, using a keyword more than the limit of search engine guidelines is called Keyword Stuffing.
Black hat SEO has a very bad effect on our website. Which your website cannot be ranked in the search engine. And your website can also be blocked by a search engine. So you should know about SEO techniques.

Type of SEO Techniques

  • White hat SEO
  • Black hat SEO

Let us tell you that there are two types of SEO techniques. One that follows the guidelines of every search engine and the other which is contrary to the search engine guidelines, which has been named white hat SEO and black hat SEO.

white hat SEO and black hat SEO

Many new bloggers get worried when the names of these two SEO techniques grow, but you do not have to worry. Because we are going to explain to you in very simple words.
There are many posts of white hat SEO vs black hat SEO on the Internet. But no one has told white hat SEO and black hat SEO separately. So in this post, we will tell you about white hat SEO so that new bloggers can understand about SEO technique very well.

What is white hat SEO

There are two ways of doing everything. A bad and a good or a shortcut and a straight path SEO techniques work in the internet world also.

Now it depends on us which way we have to go. If we go on a shortcut or a bad path. So we can never reach our destination whereas if we reach our destination directly or on a good path. Even if it takes a little longer.

White hat SEO is also one such path by following which you can become a successful and famous blogger. For this, you have to SEO your website and post according to the rules of Google or all other search engines.

If we tell you in a line, then every search engine has some guidelines and rules. We have to do the search engine optimization of our website only by following them. Which we call white hat SEO. This is very important for our website.

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  • How to use white hat SEO Technique
  • Quality content

You must have heard from your every blogger saying that content is king. Because if your written article is quality content and not quantity, then it will automatically rank in the search engine. This is the biggest example of white hat SEO.

Website speed

The website which opens quickly. He benefits more from the search engine than the rest of the website.

Easy and Good Navigate

The more well designed and easy the structure of your website and post is, the more users will like it, and the users like it. He likes google and all other search engines.

Title and Meta Description

The title and Meta Description of the post should be kept according to the same post. Do not repeat keywords in Title and Meta Description. And in your Meta Description, use only the keyword related to the post.

Using Keywords

Every search engine works on the keyword itself. But for this you should use the keyword at the right place in the post like

  1. Post Title
  2. Post URL
  3. The first paragraph of the post
  4. Text of the post
  5. Heading Elements like H1, H2, H3, etc.
  6. Meta Description
  7. Image alt tag
  8. Last paragraph of the post

Keyword density

It is very important to take care of keyword density while writing your post. Otherwise, your white hat SEO post will turn into a black hat. So use only 2-5% of keywords in your post. And use the related keyword-only from that post.

Quality backlinking and link building

Getting link building and backlink for your website from the same website as yours increases the richness of your website in the search engine. It is used as both black hat and white hat SEO. If you make a link to your website in a natural way, then it is a white hat SEO. Otherwise black hat SEO
So, friends, you must have understood what white hat SEO is and how it is used. This is a method that every blogger has to follow. So you too follow it. And if you find this post helpful and useful, then definitely share it with your blogger’s friends.