Learn complete information about SEO

The world of digital marketing and the internet depends on the word “SEO” of these three words. Very large companies that sell their product and services online. She spends her millions on just SEO. After all, what is this SEO?

If you too have heard its name repeatedly or seen it written somewhere or you are new in internet and digital marketing, then you get to hear this word again and again.
Today we are going to tell you about it in very simple words. If you read this post carefully, then you will easily know about SEO.

what is Seo

SEO has a full form of search engine optimization. Which is directly related to the search engine. SEO There are rules to bring your website to the top in a type of search engine so that traffic can increase on our website. If you follow these rules, then your website appears on the first page in the search engine.

It is important to bring the website to the first page because most people prefer to visit the website that comes on the first page and for this we have to follow Seo.
Any company or person makes his website so that he can sell his service and product, but if only traffic does not visit his website, then how will he sell his product. So we have to do search engine optimization to get our website to the first page. Which has increased traffic on our website.

Our online earning increases due to an increase in traffic on websites. Also, the value of the website increases in the search engine, which increases the ranking of the website.

For example – Search engine optimization is exactly like traffic rules. For example, to run the traffic smoothly, we need a roadmap so that people do not face any problem and they can quickly reach their target by choosing their right path.

Similarly, Seo is also a search engine Traffic Rules. So that when searching anything, it gets the right information quickly. For this, there is a roadmap of a search engine called Seo (Search engine optimization).
Both Seo and traffic rules work for people. So that our journey is good. Like if you search for “what is SEO” but the result that comes is about something else, then you have to search again and again which means that your journey and user experience is poor.

Therefore, the google search engine uses the Seo factor to increase its user experience so that they can give information fastly and correctly to their user.

Every search engine has its own SEO factor. In today’s time, Google is the largest search engine which is the most used in the whole world. Google works on about 200 Seo factors.

If you want to understand Seo in one line, then you should know that Google likes the content that the user likes to read. Whose content automatically goes to the first page. And if you do not like it, then it slowly goes down. This is the most important factor in Google SEO.

What is a search engine?

First of all, you need to know what is the search engine. A search engine is such an algorithm that works to give the correct information of the information we have searched on the internet, for which it fastly crawl, index and rank the information in its database which is called SNRP (Search engine Result Page). Seo has a huge role to bring any page to the top in search results. Google, yahoo, bing is all this search engine.

SERP – When you search in any search engine like what is Seo Hindi than the list that comes after it is called Search Engine Result page i.e. SERP.

In today’s time, the Google search engine is the most popular because if we have to search for anything, then we use Google search engine. 70 Percent of people in the world use google.
Do you know when you search anything on google, then google uses 200 factors to give you the best result, which is according to these criteria of article google, same show you on the first page of google. Which you can get the right information.

How to work’s Search engine

Like if you search for “what is SEO” then the search engine brings the crawling and indexed ranking list in front of you. The bots and spiders of the search engine crawl and index for 24 hours continuously and make their ranking list. And as soon as you do some search, then you see it on the search engine result page (SERP).
By the way, all search engines have different technic to work. But every search engine works in three steps.

  1. Crawling
  2. Indexing
  3. Ranking

what is Seo infographic

Now you must have understood what the search engine is and how it works. Therefore, now you will be able to understand the search engine optimally. Because SEO is directly related to the search engine.

  1. On-page Seo
  2. Off-page Seo

on-page SEO and off-page SEO

Search engine optimization has two important factors. First of all, we talk about on-page Seo as it is the most important factor to increase organic traffic on the website.
To set up your website according to search engine optimize, the work that is done on it is called on-page SEO.
By doing this, your organic traffic increases. Directing your website by searching keywords on google is called organic traffic.
On-page SEO has many factors, with the help of which you can optimize your website for on-page, we are going to tell you some common factors.

  1. website design
  2. website speed
  3. Website Structure
  4. Website Favicon
  5. Mobile-friendly Website
  6. Title Tag
  7. Meta Description
  8. Keyword Density
  9. Image Alt Tag
  10. URL Structure
  11. Internal Links
  12. Highlight Important Keyword
  13. Use Heading Tag
  14. Post-Good Length
  15. Google Sitemap
  16. Check Broken Links
  17. SEO Friendly URL
  18. Google Analytics
  19. Social Media Button
  20. HTML Page Size
  21. Clear Page Cache
  22. Website security HTTPS etc.

Off-Page Seo

To rank your website and post in the search engine, promoting its link on the internet is called off Page SEO.
When your post is promoted and shared on the internet, it gets some signal to the search engine. Which search engine increases the ranking of that post.
There are many ways to do Off-Page SEO. With the help of which you can increase the traffic of your website by increasing the ranking of your post. We are telling you how to do something off-page.

1.Social Networking Site

  • Facebook
  • Facebook page
  • Facebook group
  • Twitter

2.Social Bookmarking Site

  • Tumblr
  • Pinterest
  • Digg
  • Digg
  • Linkedin
  • Reddit
  • Stumbleupon
  • Delicious etc

3.Another way to off-page SEO

  • Guest Posting
  • Forum Posting
  • Blog Commenting
  • Blog Directory Submission
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Classifieds Submission Site
  • Video-Sharing site
  • Photo Sharing site
  • Question and Answering Site

Type of Seo Techniques

  • White hat SEO
  • Black hat SEO

There are also two types of Seo Techniques. Which is very important for you to understand. If you do not understand them, then instead of increasing traffic, you damage your website.

white hat SEO and black hat SEO

White hat SEO: When you do search engine optimization and link building for your website in a natural way, it is called white hat SEO. Best Hindi Blog and Blogger of India use this Technique, it is very good for your website. With increasing the value of the website, it also increases traffic. Read more

white hat SEO infographics

Black hat SEO: When the search engine’s guidelines are not followed to rank a website in google it is called Black hat SEO. The use of this has a bad effect on the website. Read more

black hat SEO infographics

So friends, in this post, we have told you about Seo and how important it is for any website is very easy words. If this post has been helpful to you, then do not call to share it. And write your questions in the comment box.