Search Engine Optimization is most important for our website to increase visibility on Google Search Engine.

This article aims at addressing another key burning problem of entrepreneurs – “How to Increase Online Visibility of Your Business?” and helps them expand their business without spending a single penny on marketing.

The questions addressed in this article are:

  1. How to improve your website’s ranking on Google search?
  2. How to make your website appear on top in a product-related search?
  3. What is SEO, and how to use it grow your business?

Being an entrepreneur, if you have been facing any of these problems in your business, then you no longer need to worry about it, as Babulal Mandal, Techcs has come up with perfect solutions to all these questions.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is a free marketing tool that helps your business grow by optimizing its online visibility, without incurring any marketing cost.

As an organic method of marketing, it makes your website rank top in Google search in the following ways:

  • It works on pull-based marketing strategy
  • It has a 20% conversion rate
  • Customers ask for the solution themselves
  • It builds trust and confidence among customers

Although it is a time-consuming process taking up to 6 months to make your search ranking good, it increases your business’s visibility remarkably well.

On-Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

On-Page SEO can be classified into 2 parts.

#1. Keyword Optimized Content:

It refers to the query or term used by users to find a solution on Google search engine.

To search for a solution on Google, there can be unlimited keywords used by users.

For example:

A customer searching for running shoes can make a query on Google using the following keyword.

  1. Shoes for Running
  2. Size 9 Running Shoes
  3. Nike Running Shoes
  4. Buy Shoes

Classification of Keywords:

SEO keywords can be classified based on the following categories:


  • Short tail keywords: Buy Shoes
  • Middle tail keywords: Buy Shoes Online
  • Long-tail Keywords: Buy Nike Shoes for Men Online (Specific).



It means how many times a keyword is used in a month:

  • Short tail keywords: High
  • Middle tail keywords: Medium
  • Long-tail keywords: Low


  • Short tail keywords: High
  • Middle tail keywords: Medium
  • Long-tail keywords: Low

#Conversion Rate:

  • Short tail keywords: Low
  • Middle tail keywords: Medium
  • Long-tail keywords: High

#Domain Authority:

  • Website Age
  • Organic Ranking
  • Traffic

Actionable: To make your website rank higher in 6 months and improve domain authority, follow the below steps:

  1. Search 5 least competitive keywords relevant to your business with a keyword planning tool
  2. Create new content using relevant keywords like blog
  3. It will start improving your ranking gradually
  4. It will generate traffic and improve your domain authority
  5. Research new keywords again and make more content

#2. Enhance User Experience:

Providing good user experience is another important way to increase traffic on your website.

User experience on a website depends on the following factors:

  1. Page Speed: How fast a website page loads defines the user experience. If it takes more than 12 seconds to load a website then you need to make changes in it.
  2. SSL (Secure Socket Layer): It is a security certificate signifying how safe and secure your website is. A customer visits a website only when it seems to be secure. SSL certificate solution can be purchased from websites like and GoDaddy.
  3. URL Structure: It also plays an important role in increasing the page visibility. The page URL address should be sensible and easy for customers to remember.
  4. Internal linking: It refers to smooth movement from one page to another page. Proper placement of the menu tab on the website. Provide important links at the footer. Provide a link to the blogs on the home-page. Locate tab of recent updates/news updates.

Off-Page SEO

Backlink: While deciding a website’s ranking, Google, along with content, analyses the link of your website give on another website to ensure its authenticity.

  • When a user lands on your website’s page through an external source, it is called a backlink.
  • The website with the highest number of backlinks allows Google to improve your website’s search ranking.

How to create a high authority backlink?

  • Make backlinks in the form of PDF and PPT submissions on different websites like
  • Search Engine Submission: Like Google, submit your website’s on other search engines
  • Business listing: List your business on websites like Just Dial and India Mart
  • Guest Blogging: Approach guest blogger to write about your business and give your website’s link


  • Make 5 backlinks daily for 6 months
  • Publish new content on a daily basis

How to get resources for SEO function?

  • Hire an SEO Manager with at least 3 years on experience
  • Salary Range: 20000 to 25000
  • Education: B.Tech

Massive Action Plan

  • Make an SEO content calendar for your website
  • Daily publish new content using relevant keywords
  • List out the website where you want to make backlink
  • Make a list of guest bloggers and contact them via email
  • Optimize the speed and security option of your website

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