Generate lead without increasing marketing costs

A few powerful tips to generate lead without increasing marketing costs, bringing J-curve growth in the business.

This article especially focuses on the following questions to build a strong digital footprint that will automatically compel the consumers land on your page.

  1. How to develop a robust website that attracts high customers traffic?
  2. When and how to launch your website?
  3. Who should be hired to develop a good website for your business?

Important Note #1: How to make a website that instils confidence among customers and make them enquire about your product?

The world’s most powerful website that builds customers confidence would be the one, which has, the following features concerning the availability of information.

  • Shortest Processing time?
  • Easily available
  • Relevant information

Important Note #2: What is the secret of a powerful website?

Just as a newspaper’s front and internal pages are divided into several rows and columns to make it more catchy and crispy, a website should also be divided into several sections like.

  • Home Page
  • Internal Pages
  • Landing Pages

Important Note #3: What are the features of the world’s top websites that a businessman should implement?

  1. Apple Inc.:

Why should one follow this website’s Design?

    • Neat and clean
    • Information about products
    • Single Click to the product page
    • Call to action keys: Learn More & Buy

2. Microsoft:

What makes it one of the top websites it the world?

  • Neat and Clean Home page
  • Unique base colour: Grey
  • The product page in a click
  • Single Click Navigation
  • Detailed product description
  • Call to action key: Shop Now

3. Bloomberg:

How should a news-based website be designed?

  • Highlighted top stories to engage more customers
  • Home page divided into 5 columns use of more pictures and graphical presentation
  • Highlighted the stories titles and headlines

4. Amazone:

Following features make Amazone to E-commerce portal in the world:
  • The sharp focus on offers and products
  • Products suggestions for your previous purchase
  • Call to actions Keys
  1. Deep Product information
  2. Customers Comments and reviews on products
  3. Easy payment facilities

Important Note #4: What should be done to make a website more user-friendly in the age of smartphones?

As more and more people are opting mobile phones to surf the internet instead of a desktop or laptop, a website should be:

  • Mobile-ready / Responsive
  • Compatible with mobile and tablet

Important Note #5: What features should a robust website comprise?

A world-class website should have the following features:

  • Solution for customers’ burning problems
  • Explain call to actions appropriately
  • The website design should be mobile-ready / responsive
  • Integrated information tools like Chatbot and Email
  • Video and written testimonials of existing customers

Important Note #6: How to design an excellent website?

Following are the steps to develop a robust website:

  • Discuss your requirements with the web designer
  • Tell him/her about your business and customers
  • Get some sample designs of homes pages

Important Note #7: Things to be taken care of while developing a website.

You should:

  • Set a target date for website launch
  • Don’t make repeated changes in the website
  • Check the website content yourself to ensure zero error
  • Insert existing customer’s testimonial videos
  • Don’t try to make a perfect website in one go
  • Bring gradual improvement in website

Important Note #8: How to launch a website?

Launch your website while ensuring things as follows:

  • Inform the existing customer’s about the launch date
  • Send Email, SMS and WhatsApp messages to customers
  • Tell the customers about the benefits of your website
  • Tell them how your website will help them get relevant information
  • Inform them how will the website save their time and money

Important Note #9: What is Minimalist Website

It is a way of designing a website wherein:

  • Customers’ focus goes only on products
  • Customers don’t need to read a lot of description
  • Customers directly reach the solution

Important Note #10: Who should be hired for developing a good website?

A. if you run a website that needs frequent changes, then you should hire a full-time website designer who should have the following skill:

  • 4-6 years’ experience of website designing and management
  • Knowledge of free CMS platforms like WordPress

B. If you run a website that does not require frequent changes, then you should hire an agency through the following steps:

  • Check agency’s portfolio of previous work/projects delivered
  • Conduce reference check of the agency from their previous customers
  • Negotiation with the agency on costing of website designing and maintenance services

Website is not for your business, it is for your customers

If you follow those step perfectly then generate lead will easy and your business growth will unstoppable.